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Our Primary Writers: Redorkulous and SistaMaryFabulous.

Our Primary Purpose: Recaps, reviews, highlights, and the occasional scene-by-scene analysis for TV shows that feature People of Color. We also have our Personal Faves that we follow just for fun.

Our Philosophy: We post what we want. We make no apologies for our content. We always have fun.

Jul 6 '13

Twiƨted, S01E08: Epsiode 8 Synopsis


Episode Synopsis:  Chief Masterson grills Karen about the necklace.  Chief Masterson has a surprise for Karen, and her lawyer won’t be happy.  Danny’s throwing a party in hopes of convincing everyone he’s a good guy.  Tyler agrees to help, if he can film the party as a documentary.  Rico’s not happy to see Jo and Tyler together at Danny’s party.

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