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Dec 19 '12

#RHOA:  Let’s talk about Kenya Moore

She FAKE.  And she raggedy.  She fabricated an on-screen boyfriend, and that whole “marriage proposal” was a figment of her over-medicated imagination.

You know the producers are constantly plotting, scheming and brainstorming new storylines to increase their market share.  So there’s no need for Kenya to be manufacturing drama.  Furthermore, once the fans catch a whiff of bullshit… they’ll bolt like a house-cat running from his own bathwater.

That’s why we can’t wait to see how she justifies herself when Walter calls out her fakery.  Actually, we’re more interested to see what clever, classic one-liner NeNe is going to deliver when the whole truth comes to light.

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  5. messytrick said: She could pull a Gretchen on Rhoc have bf one season then be single and finally get guy. She just wanted be difficult.
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